About Sandeep Chowta
The year was 1998. A low - budget film about the dark underbelly of Mumbai called
'Satya' had captured the country's imagination. The Indian audiences arose to a
stunningly new, in-your-face background score.

It was perhaps the first time in Indian cinema that the background score made the original
soundtrack take a snug backseat.

Whispers of a certain name began doing the rounds of the hallowed portals of Bollywood. The name was Sandeep Chowta, a man who came, saw and swiftly conquered the music battlefield. What followed since is nothing short of a fairy tale. Successful and strikingly different soundtracks for various Bollywood &Tollywood blockbusters

Sandeep's latest album offering is his magnum opus that he has spent nearly 9 years producing. With 'Matters of the Heart', Sandeep Chowta revisits songs that were conceived at different points in his life but were never finished. Accompanied by a stellar line-up of legends and modern-day greats, this album redefines a genre with a new sound. Seven years in the making, Matters Of The Heart is Sandeep' s artistic magnum opus - a culmination of a life-long dream to have his music read and re-interpreted by his childhood heroes and contemporaries in their own unique way.

The scope of the album was always ambitious, to create new, unheard of soundscapes by filtering Sandeep' s cinematic vision through the distinct musical styles that each of his many collaborators brought to the table. The result was an aural journey that begins close to the heart and travels to diverse musical destinations.

Matters of the Heart is written, composed and produced by Sandeep Chowta. The album is a tribute to all the people, all the events - in love and in sadness - that have triggered the writing process and acted as catalysts in making the music.

Dave Grusin , The Yellow Jackets, Lee Ritenour, Frank Gambale, Scott Henderson, Jeff Richman, SpyroGyra, Eric Marienthal, Tribal Tech, Brandon Fields, ,Patrice Rushen, , Scott Kinsey, Otmaro Ruiz, Phil Turcio, Bunny Brunel, Anthony Jackson, , Jimmy Johnson, Brian Bromberg, , Melvin Davis, RicFierbracci, Brett Garsed, Ricardo Siliera, Dave Valentin, Walt Fowler, Steve Tavaglione, Miriam Stockley, Dori Caymmi, Pt Vishwamohan Bhatt, Dave Weckl, Simon Phillips, William Kennedy, Virgil Donati, Gary Novak,

As a by-product of his genre-defining album, Sandeep was presented with a unique opportunity to become a songwriter and producer for some of the musicians he has revered from his early days doing music.

More cosmic than cosmetic, the sound of Sandeep Chowta is the sound of the future.' Spiritual and sensuous, meditative and erotic...

Sandeep's music cuts across global segregations to speak to every generation and community.